A 13-hour, 1000km immersive theatre show combined with the best escape game elements, set on a speeding train through Finland! With this first-ever, longest and most badass immersive game performance in history, escaping was taken to the next level with Art & Technology, multi-layered script, professional actors and artists from several different fields directed by Agnes Kaszas. And all of this was live-streamed!

We’re proud designers of this epic journey with TBWA, VR National Railways and Nordisk Film. The experience was inspired by the 20th Century Fox movie Murder On The Orient Express and was backed up by the film studio.

The multilayered show consisted of several exciting twists...


The record-breaking show was directed by Agnes Kaszas, a Hungarian-born theatre maker and escape expert. The design team led by the experience designer Inna Huttunen consisted of professional game designers, set designers, electricians and contemporary artists.

The cast consisted of leading Finnish actors and actresses including the award-winning actor Santtu Karvonen. The acts were built in a way that there was always a professional actor accompanied by an escape room professional to ensure the smooth experience of the immersive adventure.

The show also featured a live jazz band and a live techno set by Samuli Kivelä. In the small hours, the participants took part in the Night Games created by Recover Laboratory, which consisted of interactive encounters, as the players entered a train car that had been transformed into a different dimension by way of live music, performing arts and contortionists.

As the story was a modern Scandinavian take on the film that inspired it, the costume design demanded for stylish high-quality solutions and the cast was dressed in Finnish designs created by Aarikka, Anni Ruuth, Frenn Company, Ivalo and Eväkäs.

One team was led by one of Finland’s hottest artists, Riku Nieminen, while the captain of the other team was a well-known escape game enthusiast and writer Katleena Kortesuo. 3000 people applied to join their teams, but only 8 people were chosen. The selected players ranged from pensioners to NASA engineers and everything in between.

Great media attention - 40 000 000 impressions


The Escape train gained wide global visibility. Well known media channels around the world, like The Sunday Times and Lonely Planet reported about the event. Lonely Planet recommended Poirot fans to travel to Finland for this one-off experience, and the most widely spread newspaper in Britain, The Sunday Times, listed the Escape train as one of the hottest travel experiences of the week. Also Agatha Christie official Facebook site  featured the experience on her official Facebook site. Meanwhile all the Finnish main tabloids ( HS, IS ) and their social media channels were following train process keenly.


Whole 13 hour Escape Train experience was broadcasted live via Facebook by industry leading professionals from DNA Networks and VR. The whole experience was manipulated by viewer votes transforming the viewers to active participants. Escape train got more viewers than any national web-tv show or the actual movie itself reaching over 40 000 000 impressions.

Actors, performers and escape game experts:

Mona Kortelampi

Julia Korander

Fabian Silén

Willehard Korander

Santtu Karvonen

Emil Grudemo El Hayek

Mira Eskelinen

Zuzanna Buchowska

Julia Shumeyko

Peter Howett

Maria Palagina

Elie Abraham

Hannah Hietala

Hanna Juutilainen

Kaisa Koskenkorva



Director - Ágnes Kászas

Experience designer - Inna Huttunen

Coordinator - Aino Junttila


Design team:

Anna Pesonen

Sofi Häkkinen

Julia Shumeyko

Harri Dammert

Zuzanna Buchowska

Mira Eskelinen

Krista Virtanen

Hannah Hietala

Juho Lehiö


Samuli Kivelä

Aleksi Kinnunen

Johannes Sarjasto

Janne Tuovinen

Miradonna Sirkka

Aleksi Kinnunen

Ramona Reinvall

Onni Pirkola

Mária Zaborszky


Harri Vähänissi

Sara Milazzo

Zoran Atanasov

Antti Ojaharju

Jennifer Appleton


TBWA, VR, Nordisk Film, 10th Century Fox, Livetek, Dna, Aarikka, Anni Ruuth, Ivalo, Frenn Company, Eväkäs, House of Lapland, Villeroy & Boch, Putte's

Thank you for the tens of dedicated volunteers and everyone involved for making impossible possible!


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