InsideOut events offer unforgettable and fresh event activities. Our experiences combine

Art & Technology with immersive theatre and exciting twists inspired by escape games.

Are you organizing an

event at your office or a rented venue?

Leave it to us! 

We can bring our Escape Anywhere -experience literally anywhere!

We are masters of customising concepts to fit any location, whether it's a small office room or a bigger event space. Please, check out our three amazing options.




On top of the fun and innovative tasks normally found in traditional escape rooms, the portable Tabletop experience can also entertain larger groups and can be set up at any location!


Our portable Tabletop game can bring the “escape room magic” to any conference or large scale event at the location of your choice.

It is a perfect option after a long conference day or as part of the recreational section of your teambuilding, when the whole group/company can join the adventure together in a quick 1 hour activity.

The flow and immersiveness of the dramatic storyline will suck you in and incite you to solve puzzles in teamwork with your friends and colleagues.

Duration: 1.5h
Players: from 20-40
Price:25€ per player (+VAT) Min 20 players.

Our team will bring everything that’s needed to your desired location, set it all up, and our staff 

will host and help coordinate the event throughout the entire adventure.


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We are taking you on a journey into unexplored dimensions to seek answers to great questions! Can you pass through the stargate or will you get sucked into the deep abyss of a black hole?

Destination Unknown spreads out through the space in a multitude of exciting game spots, where clever innovative tasks combine with theatrical aspects, surprising technological solutions and interactive elements.

The game spots represent different dimensions, destinations and goals.

The guests are free to choose the level of difficulty and intensity that best suits them, as all of the  spots can be visited independently of each other - the team can go through as many or as few installations as they choose. However, one must visit all of the spots in order to get to the final solution. Destination Unknown challenges your team to use imagination, team work and problem-solving skills!

The game can be easily embedded into your original program.


Up to 500 participants
Event duration minimum 3 hours
Price: 2750€+275€ / Extra hour (+VAT)



- It's not just a game anymore...

We gladly invite you to join our unique corporate event!

We will fill the evening with inventive games & puzzles and it might end up being much more than you expect - keep your senses open and prepare to dine, dance and maybe... solve a murder?

You will be sucked into two hours of clever storylines combined with immersive theater, the best features of escape rooms and the excitement of mystery-solving at the location of your preference. We can transform your office space into an exciting escape experience playground or invite you to enjoy our location at Katajanokka!

Can you untie the plot knots and twists before the time is up!?

Perfect for bigger groups and companies!

Time: 2 hours
Participants: 15-60 people
Price at Hotel Katajanokka: 1350€+VAT/ up to30 persons + 30€+VAT/extra person.

Price at any other location:1350€+VAT/30 persons + 30€+VAT/extra person + travelling/customising costs.

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Your event!

We can already imagine your awesome event picture here! Can you?

Imagine finding the ultimate event package you were looking for! Awesome location with easy connections, fun and unique event content and delicious food prepared by an innovative catering company.

We can turn that into reality! Remember, “impossible is not a part of our vocabulary!

We provide: 

-unique and fun content for the event

-event space


Maybe you fancy a DJ to complete the package? All you need to do is invite your guests and have fun. We will take care of the rest.

Give us a shout and challenge us!


Our team consists of innovative concept designers, theatre experts and other skilled professionals from our field.

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