Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. We hope you find what you are looking for, but if there’s something else you need to know, we are happy to help.

Can I pay with card?
  • Yes, you can! You can pay with cash or with card. You can pay at our location. Due to technical reasons we kindly ask you to pay the whole amount with one card.


Can I pay by invoice?
  • Invoicing is possible. There will be a 5 euro invoice fee added to the price. Please, send us your invoice details (name, company ID, address, e-mail) before your activity, or add the info in the NOTE section when completing your booking.


How can I book, when can I play?

  • Book your game here, welcome!


What does the game cost?


In what language is the game?
  • As long as at least one team member knows some basic English, you’ll manage just fine. We can provide services in English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Hungarian. Let us know of specific language requests upon booking your game.
What if I suffer from claustrophobia or other nervous symptoms?
  • The rooms are safe and you’re only symbolically locked inside. There is an emergency key so you can open the door at any time. However, please let us know of any nervous symptoms beforehand, so we are aware of the situation and can adapt the game for you.


Can we change our Escape Room booking?
  • You can cancel and reschedule your game up to 24 hours before your scheduled time. Use the link in your booking confirmation.


The number of people coming to play the Escape Room has changed, what do we have to do?

  • Don't worry. As long as your team size is between 2 and 6, you don't have to let us know, just come in and have fun with your friends.


What is maximum and the ideal group size for one room?
  • We recommend a maximum amount of six players per room. This is for your enjoyment and comfort. Our games rely on group dynamics, so with too many people chances are that one of you will not have anything to work on.

  • At our Vuosaari location 2 of the rooms are spacier, so in Sensation and in The Bar of Monsters and Madmen up to 7 people can escape in the same room.

  • The ideal group size is 3 to 5 persons.


What is the maximum amount of simultaneous players at the location?

  •  At our Vuosaari location, when you book all 3 rooms the maximum amount of players is 20.

Should we somehow prepare for the game?
  • No preparation in advance is necessary. You can read our rules beforehand, if you want to. Just gather your group of escapers, hype up the team spirit and show up for your game. We will take it from there.
Are the games suitable for kids?


Can we bring alcoholic drinks to the game, is it okay to be tipsy?
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited. We also have the rights to deny a person’s entry to the room if they are intoxicated. This is for both your safety and the well being of our rooms. You will also get more out of the experience if your brain is fully functioning and focused on the game.


Can a part of our group wait in the lobby while the others play?
  • Unfortunately we only allow players in our game facilities. Any extra members of the groups will have to wait somewhere else. Fortunately though, there is a chance for great nature walks, canoeing or enjoying refreshments in the bar in Vuosaari.
I want to bring my friend to play the escape game as a surprise. Do I need to tell them some instructions beforehand?
  • It is a great idea to surprise a friend with this game! Everything is going to be explained before the game on location, so you don't have to do anything. Just come and enjoy!


I want to give something special to a friend! What should I do?