We build and plan anything escape-related!

We produce escape games, technical game props and event concepts. We have built numerous escape rooms and portable games, built hundreds of interactive props and planned several escape game concepts. 


Our team consists of professionals in game development, programming, electronics, woodwork, set design, graphic design, performing arts, storytelling, team building and business training.


We take pride in going that extra mile in order to take the escape experiences to the next level. We build platforms for extraordinary flow experiences, specially custom-made for you. Let us know what you need! 

Individual tasks and game elements

We plan individual or combined puzzles and tasks for all purposes and events!

Creative consulting

We give consultation for planning and managing next generation experiences.

Assemble yourself -package

This package includes the whole concept package added with actual props and game elements shipped to your address.

  • Concept package

  • Physical puzzles and tasks

  • Set elements 

Keys to hand -package

Choose a game, send us your blueprint and we transfer the experience to suit your location.

This package includes designing and realising the whole escape room in your location.

Creative content and building is taken care of our team of professionals all the way til handing the key to you.

Concept package

Buying a concept saves you work hours! You can find several game concepts from our selection.

When buying a concept you get:

  • Script of the game

  • Listing of puzzles and tasks

  • Blueprints and instructions

  • Maintenance and reset info

  • Audio/video and sound effects

  • Promotial materials

Get familiar with our existing game concepts below.

Also don't hesitate to suggest us your wildest ideas, we produce any themes! 

Our escape rooms

Escape Anywhere


 Case of The Five Star Hotel

The Bar Of Monsters & Madmen

Mr. Bear's Afterparty

The Ministry of Future Investments

Destination Unknown

We also customize concepts for training and showcasing purposes!

Behind The Freaky Circus Show   

Our well-served and loved room, which is not in use anymore. Read more by clicking the picture!