to create a new art genre by fusing Art and Technology with the most intriguing immersive theatre and gamification methods.

Real life escape games originate from the country where Rubik’s cube was invented. Yep, they’re from Hungary. The entertainment field in Finland was forever transformed when actor Ágnes Kaszás decided to bring the concept from Hungary and become Finland's first escape room entrepreneur. What she then started has now taken Finland by storm.

The first spark of an idea was planted into her mind in 2014, when Ágnes Kaszás experienced an immersive art production called Sleep No More in New York, which made a huge impact on her.

-This is what I want do! And I want to bring it to the masses!

The room escape industry was just about to take off in Hungary and Kaszás saw it as an opportunity. By bringing the concept to Finland she now had an easily accessible base for creating immersive experiences for the customers and a channel for taking such experiences even further.


After four years of room escape and immersive events, Kaszas believes she has reached the goals she once set for herself. The world of room escape helped her build a platform where art and high technology merge in creating fun and inclusive experiences meant to provoke the senses and challenge the participants to step outside their comfort zone and see the world from a different angle.

In 2017, the Escape Train production fulfilled her wishes for an immersive art experience to a certain extent, but along with it, the ambitions have also grown! We at InsideOut Productions have got a lot up our sleeves and we will continue bringing new exciting concepts to the event industry - concepts that will change your view on life itself!

We are proud to be pioneers!


Our production crew consists of a large variety of professionals from across different branches of the art and science fields. The know-how of actors, directors, set designers, musicians, photographers and sound designers united with the talents of professional carpenters, graphic designers, drama pedagogues and experts in experimental electronics bring together an entity with only the sky as the limit!