Escape For Reason

-customised concepts for educational and showcasing purposes


Whether you want to have an educational event, train your employees, launch a new product or showcase your brand, we offer a solution to you.


Our professional team of innovative designers, professional trainers and theatre experts combine escape game elements with storytelling, immersive design, surprising technological solutions and interactive elements - and all of this around your theme and topics.


A Reason

-offer your employees ways to think more "Outside the box" resulting in even more motivation to reach common goals, tools for communication and problem-solving and long-lasting employment relationships

-show your clients that you are keeping up with the current waves on your field with innovative campaigns and showcases making your brand memorable and interesting

-deliver information and teach difficult concepts through a fun game while developing the team’s creativity, teamwork and problem-solving skills

Your Own Escape Experience

In march 2018 we pioneered again, this time in collaboration with veikkaus (a state-owned gaming company for the benefit of society), as they became the first company in finland to have their own escape room operating at their headquarters.

In this 20 minute game players step into an exciting game-world, where slot machines work in imaginative ways. While solving puzzles and tasks, the players learn about veikkaus’ responsible gaming tools. The game is used to train employees and showcase the topics to stakeholders.


This groundbreaking room is designed in a way, that any of the company employees can act as a game host providing them limitless options to use the room for.

Last Drop

2018 We designed and produced LAST DROP table top escape game for Finnish schools and other educational purposes.

The game teaches in a fun and inventive way about Somalian drought and global warming. Because its portable features it is easy to incorporate in any study program.

The game is a part of Solidarity Foundation's way of teaching students hard and difficult topics in an unique way. Getting participants actually touch and solve puzzles made with difficult themes gives us an unique channel to use gamefication as a powerful learning tool.

The Game is currently played in schools all around Helsinki.

OAJ-Ministry Of Education

2017-2018 spring and autumn we designed and produced series of customised escape games for OAJ. Games were designed around the themes of education, isolation and students wellbeing.

The three parties involved were the Trade Union Of Education, Board Of Education and the Ministry Of Education And Culture.

About 90 people in significant positions from different sectors of society took part in this event through out the years.
The purpose of the sessions was to give an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other and get grouped while learning about the state of education.

For these events we combined best features of escape games, tools of creative learning and immersive arts to create an easily accessible and fun concept of learning via game esperience.

Haaga-Helia University of applies Sciences

During this spring, HH-LBA8 PLAY-group has created a new Educational Escape Room in partnership with Ágnes Kaszás, Founder of InsideOut Productions. The ‘SD-EscapED’ game challenges students to escape the room by solving different types of puzzles and lockers related to service design in order to learn the subject of service design.

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