The whole story
The multilayered show consisted of several exciting twists.

The show began already at the train station where the participants needed to race against time solving tasks and looking for clues around the station. After the adrenaline-filled half an hour the teams boarded the train with a group of unusual characters, each one more peculiar than the next. 

After settling down, the teams were invited to the seating car for dinner, which they quickly realized was not going to be an ordinary meal. First came the blindfolds, then an announcement that the food had to be earned with successful completion of a variety of puzzles, and it quickly evolved into an immersive multi-sensory experience, all accompanied by a live jazz band.

It wasn’t long until the participants were surprised with another unexpected announcement. Something horrible happened while they were enjoying the dinner - a murder. And the murderer was still on the train. The teams were asked to investigate the crime and identify the killer. The investigation consisted of 8 immersive theatre scenes, where the participants interacted with actors and escape experts trying to find clues and uncover evidence.

The investigation was interrupted by a scheduled stop in Tampere, which came along with an unexpected twist - one of the suspects ran out onto the station and scattered multiple clues around the platform, which the players had to collect before the train continued its journey.

Soon, the investigation was complete and it was time to confront the suspects. When all gathered in the seating car, the team captains presented their findings and accusations started flying. The situation was getting heated when something bizarre happened - the presumably dead body walked into the scene.

It turned out that the murder was staged and the whole murder mystery was just a small piece of a much bigger puzzle. The teams were part of a mysterious testing process, which was only just beginning. Next challenge, the ultimate test, awaited in the sleeping car - two identical escape experiences on two floors of the train car, two teams racing against each other through 12 puzzle-filled cabins. Blood, sweat and tears. Adrenaline, hype and an absolute flow experience.

The hardcore escape madness was followed by a party with live techno music and some long-awaited time to kick back and mingle with fellow escapers. But the night was far from over. After barely any sleep, the participants got to experience the Night Games, where two players from the competing teams came together to solve art-infused puzzles presented by the artists of Recover Laboratory. 

Soon, the train arrived at its destination. The teams got off the train, but the experience was not over. A peaceful breakfast was interrupted by an announcement no one was expecting. Each team was infiltrated by an InsideOut insider that was constantly observing the team and evaluating its performance.