The most interesting team building in Finland!

While regular team building trainings often evolve around imagining how to respond to stress, playing escape rooms can make people actually experience stress, pressure and tension and let them afterwards evaluate how they reacted on it . 



Game experiences combined with exercises and analytical in-depth discussions led by professional trainers are incredibly fun and highly beneficial for teamwork and problem solving.

- Kaszás

Depending on your organization’s particular needs or goals, there are many ways we can assist you. If you wish to train your team to achieve long term goals more effectively, integrate new members or just have some fun after completing a long or difficult project, this is the right activity for you!

Game experience

Team up!

Team building


  • Fun way to learn and develop your team

  • Introduces coworkers to each other

  • Demonstrates group dynamics

  • Emphasizes individual strengths and  areas for development

  • Uncovers hidden talents

  • Helps to identify hiring and promotionpotential

  • Strengthens relationships

  • Promotes engagement and enthusiam

Skills developed:

  • Communication / Listening

  • Leadership

  • Problem solving

  • Creativity

  • Conflict resolution

  • Collaboration

  • Transparency

  • Thinking outside the box

Team building packages you can choose from:

5 to 30 persons , 3 hours
Languages : Finnish or English

Game experience and fun interactive activities.

A perfect activity when you just want to keep it light. Game experinces combined with fun team building

activities , with an experienced trainer are an innovative way of relaxing, grouping and learning!

Just for Fun is an impeccable way of celebrating mutually achieved goals alongside some creative

tasks and fun games to boost team spirit and co-operation skills .

Price from 814€-1632€ (+vat)

Also available for bigger groups! Ask more options!

Escape "Gold"

15-30 persons , 4-6 hours
Languages : Finnish or English
Solid team building based on escape games.

Game experiences combined with a solid team building session with interactive games led by a

professional trainer. Productive analytical discussion

of the experience after the games will provide feedback

and self-reflection as tools of learning.

A team building expert will guide the discussion

teaching team building concepts and helping the team

to come up with goals and actions for how they can apply

those concepts to their work.

Ask us about the advanced special themes provided as part of Escape "Gold" !

Game experiences you can choose from for your Team Building:

Case of The Five Star Hotel 

- It's not just a game anymore...


We gladly invite you to joinour unique corporate event! We will fill the evening with inventive games & puzzles and it might end up being much more than you expect - keep your senses open and prepare to dine, dance and maybe... solve a murder?

You will be sucked into two hours of clever storylines combined with immersive theater, the best features of escape rooms and the excitement of mystery-solving at the location of your preference. We can transform your office space into an exciting escape experience playground or invite you to enjoy our locations!

Can you untie the plot knots and twists before the time is up!?

Perfect for bigger groups and companies!


Time: 2 hours

Participants: 25-60 people

Tabletop Experience

On top of the fun and innovative tasks normally found in traditional escape rooms, the portable Tabletop experience can also entertain larger groups and can be set up at any location!


Our portable Tabletop game can bring the “escape room magic” to any conference or large scale event at the location of your choice.

It is a perfect option after a long conference day or as part of the recreational section of your teambuilding, when the whole group/company can join the adventure together in a quick 1 hour activity.

The flow and immersiveness of the dramatic storyline will suck you in and incite you to solve puzzles in teamwork with your friends and colleagues.

Duration: 1.5h
Players: from 20-40

Our collaboration with InsideOut

Productions was functional and 

inspiring! The participants saw the 

tailored escape rooms and team 

building as a very inspiring and fun way of getting to know each other 

and learning at the same time. 

To make a perfect team building day we can combine our events with the best features of our partner hotels. Dining at modern restaurant, renting sauna or staying over night are some examples how to make your day a little bit more extra special, cozy and fun!

Please let us know which  specific areas you want to develop, some problems you want 

to overcome, or any other kind of need or request. Our team consist of professional trainers and theatre experts, and we are masters in 

coming up with solutions and catering to all of your team building needs and requests.


Book now and contact us for more details!